CE-IvD labeled extraction of viral RNA and DNA


Spin filter based


Manual workflow


Ensures highest performance for downstream applications

Intended use

The INSTANT Virus RNA/DNA Kit has been designed for isolation of both viral RNA and DNA from different kinds of starting material. The extraction procedure is based on a new kind of chemistry (patent pending). The INSTANT Virus RNA/DNA Kit is optimized for the rapid preparation of highly pure viral RNA and DNA from cell free fluid biological samples, for example: plasma and serum and works with 400 µl liquid samples.




Sample volume 400 µl
Sample speciment Cell free fluid biological samples
Examples Plasma (EDTA, Citrate), Serum, Sputum


Order information

Order number Kit size
847-0259200602 50 reactions
847-0259200603 250 reactions
Consumables Description
847-0206201001 Carrier RNA (1 x 50 reactions)



ATTENTION! Please, check which revision level of the Instructions for use applies to your kit. The applicable revision level is indicated on the product label of the kit packaging. You can download the latest version of the IFU here. For older revision levels please get in contact with us.