Multiparametric test for neurodegenerative diseases

Multiparametric in vitro diagnostic agent for neurodegenerative diseases in humans. 


Development of a multiparametric, immunological test procedure for the detection of diagnostically relevant markers in the body fluids of patients.

Joint Project

The aim of the project between Roboscreen GmbH and Paul-Flechsig-Institute Leipzig is to establish multi-parameter detection for neurodegenerative diseases in which several analytes are determined at the same time and a patient can then be classified according to the type of neurodegenerative disease. This is intended to provide a possibility of determining a specific therapeutic approach and the prospect of a possible earlier diagnosis of such pathological changes.

Funded Project (100217530)

Supported by funding from the European Union and the Free State of Saxony from ERDF funds.

Discrimination between different neurodegenerative groups

Analysis of CSF of AD (36), FTD (30), LBD (30), PDD (13) and patients w/o dementia (PSY, 30) using hSYN total ELISA, non-pTAU ELISA and new TDP43 ELISA.