Diagnostic tools for emerging diseases

Founded in 2000, ROBOSCREEN GmbH is a company with a high share of research and development. We focus on diagnostic tests to identify and monitor diseases. Our goal is to provide technical high-quality solutions for simple and affordable diagnostics for use in diagnostic laboratories worldwide.

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ROBOSCREEN is offering products for diagnostic as well as research purposes focussing on viral pathogens (e.g. Hepatitis C, B and DELTA, Dengue & West nile), nucleic acid extractions, neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer, Parkinson and Creutzfeldt-Jakob) and veterinary pathogens.

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Scientific Projects

Within scientific research projects ROBOSCREEN's goal is to develop tools, methods and assays to determine and quantify biological markers under the scope of the respective project. We are able to develop and produce specific monoclonal antibodies and immunological methods. Furthermore our expertise enables us to create highly sensitive molecular biological detection and quantification systems.


NEW Dengue virus ELISAs available

Reliable detection of acute and past dengue virus infections. Explore our new DENV ELISAs.

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Quantitative analysis of HCV RNA and HBV DNA within one qPCR

Save time and resources! Quantitative analysis of HCV RNA and HBV DNA can be done in parallel due to same workflow from extraction to qPCR.


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Management Buy Out of ROBOSCREEN GmbH

After the MBO of AJ Roboscreen GmbH from the Analytik Jena AG Group, we are operating independently as ROBOSCREEN GmbH since June 2020.


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