Human alpha-Synuclein PATHO ELISA

Enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative determination of beta-sheet oligomers of human alpha-Synuclein in biological samples.

Product description

The Human alpha-Synuclein PATHO ELISA bases on a sensitive sandwich ELISA using mab 5G4 for capturing of beta-sheet oligomers of human alpha-Synuclein (Kovacs et al. 2012 & 2014).

alpha-Synuclein beta-sheet oligomers captured onto the plate are detected by another alpha-Synuclein specific mab to amino acids 119-126 HRP conjugated. Synthetic aggregated alpha-Synuclein standards in a range of 250 – 5 pg/ml are used for semi-quantification of unknown samples. Quality controls are included for lab reproduceability and evaluation of the assay performed. 

The evidence of bound HRP immuno complexes is shown by TMB/H2O2 staining.


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