Human P231 TAU ELISA

Enzyme immunoassay for quantitative determination of amino acid 231 (T) phosphorylated human TAU in biological samples.

Product description

The Human P231 TAU ELISA is a sensitive sandwich ELISA using a monoclonal antibody specific to all human TAU isoforms for capturing TAU protein.

Phosphorylated TAU captured onto the plate is detected by a monoclonal anti-P231 TAU specific antibody labelled with HRP.

Phosphorylated TAU protein standards with range between 20 and 300 pg/ml allow semi-quantification of P231 phosphorylated TAU concentration in biological samples. Quality controls are included for lab reproduceability and evaluation of the assay performed. 

The evidence of bound HRP immuno complexes is shown by TMB/H2O2 staining.


Research use only

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