Neuro IP Kit

Pre-analytical enrichment of AD biomarkers from plasma by immunoprecipitation


The Neuro IP Kit enables the enrichment of AD relevant proteins such as total Tau, the brand-new markers p50-Tau and brain-derived Tau as well as beta-Amyloid (Aβ) from plasma by immunoprecipitation. As a positive side effect, all non-specific matrix effects that can interfere with downstream analysis are eliminated. The analysis of the enriched AD biomarkers can be performed with a detection system of choice (e.g. SIMOA, Lumipulse, MSD, ELISA).

Combine our Neuro IP Kit with mAb coupled immuno beads for enrichment of the target of your choice: total Tau, p50-Tau, brain-derived Tau and beta-Amyloid.

We can also provide automation solutions for the Neuro IP Kit – Contact us to find the optimal application solution for you.

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[x] = [1]: 6x IP, [2]: 24x IP 
847-0108000108Neuro IP Kit
847-060100010[x]              Immuno Beads total Tau
847-060100020[x]              Immuno Beads p50-Tau
847-060100030[x]              Immuno Beads brain derived Tau
847-060100040[x]              Immuno Beads Beta-Amyloid