Neuro IP Kit

Immunoprecipitation kit for pre-analytical enrichment of neurological biomarkers from cell free body fluids.


The Neuro IP Kit is designed to efficiently immunoprecipitate and enrich neurological biomarkers from cell free body fluids as blood plasma or serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The enrichment of neurological biomarkers makes them reliably measurable without matrix effects in a system of choice, e.g. SIMOA, LUMIPULSE or ELISA.

All contents of the Neuro IP Kit are produced under the guidelines of quality control according to the DIN EN ISO 13485 requirements.

The Neuro IP Kit is intended for research use only and not for diagnostic purposes.

To use this Neuro IP Kit Roboscreen Immuno Beads are recommended: total Tau, p50-Tau, brain-derived Tau, human beta-Amyloid and human patho-oligomeric alpha-Synuclein.

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[x] = [1]: 6x IP, [2]: 24x IP 
847-0108000108Neuro IP Kit
847-060100010[x]              Immuno Beads total Tau
847-060100020[x]              Immuno Beads p50-Tau
847-060100030[x]              Immuno Beads brain derived Tau
847-060100040[x]              Immuno Beads human Beta-Amyloid
847-060100050[x]    Immuno Beads human patho-oligomeric alpha-Synuclein